Summer of Strawberries 

  It’s berry season and we couldn’t be happier. Strawberries are the first sign that summer has finally arrived well at least for a few days.

Strawberries, like most fruit, are best eaten right after (or during) picking, however, there are plenty of ways to enjoy leftover berries that are losing their firmness.

We buy fresh berries by the case at our local farmers’ market which allows us to eat the berries immediately, and with the help of Grayston Beeswax Wraps, stretch the short, tasty season further. Strawberries wrapped in our Beeswax Wrap will allow the fruit to breath but the natural protective properties of the wrap will help preserve the fruit longer.  

Here’s how to enjoy the summer abundance and enjoy berries throughout every stage of their ripeness.



On the way home from the market, no need to toss the stem. Pop the whole berry, stem and all, into your mouth. Strawberry leaves contain iron, calcium and vitamin C, making them a healthy addition to your berry.

Once home, keep your berries fresh by covering the entire container with a large Beeswax Wrap . Leave them on your counter to snack on all day long.





Strawberry leaves and stems get bitter over time. The day after you pick your berries, it’s best to remove the stems. Before you reach for the knife, try our twist method to keep as much of the fruit as possible.



  • Hold your berry firmly
  • Pinch the very base of leaves toward the center of the berry. Be sure to get as close as you can to the fruit, or when you twist the core won’t pop out.
  • Twist.
  • The strawberry core pops out leaving only delicious fruit.


By day three berries start to wilt and lose their firmness. These berries are great for making jam, putting in smoothies, but our personal favourite is crushed berries served over locally-made ice cream.

Crushed strawberries make a delicious summer treat and are a great way to get kids into the kitchen.

Place your strawberries in a bowl and using your hands crush the strawberries to your desired consistency. Mix in a little sugar, cover with a large Beeswax Wrap and let sit in the fridge for 2-3 hours stirring occasionally. Spoon over locally made ice cream.

Crushed berries can stay in the fridge for up to 3 days (if they last that long!) and can be stored in a bowl covered with a Grayston Beeswax Wrap. You can also place the mixture in a mason jar and freeze for another day!