Move over Protein Drink ….There is a new kid in town: Fiber !

Fiber is not a new trend in the health world, but with all the high fat, high protein diets soaring in popularity (think paleo and keto), we seem to have lost track of the importance of fiber in our diets. And that’s not good for our health. Here’s why.

Fiber is essential for gut health and regular bowel movements. Clearing the body of toxins and avoiding unhealthy build-up in the GI tract and colon. 

Studies show that the vast majority of us aren’t getting enough fiber. Most people, it seems, are so focused on how much protein they’re eating, but equally important is how much fiber we’re getting! 

But what if you hate drinks like Green Smoothies ….. Read on ….

Hate green smoothies? It’s okay. I did too. Then a few months ago I tried this recipe and got hooked on this deliciously, simple Green Mango Smoothie.

The Green Mango smoothie has three ingredients: Romaine lettuce, fresh parsley and a ripe mango. I sighed the first time I made it, thinking I’d have to brave through it. To my surprise, it was light, refreshing and the best mid-morning snack I’ve had in recent memory. One day we ran out of romaine lettuce so it got simplified even further and now it’s just one bunch of parsley, one ripe mango and two cups of water. My Green Mango smoothie is the bridge between breakfast and lunch that I can’t live without it.

I have a few other green smoothies in my recipe box that I’ll resort to should I absolutely have to but right now it’s the star of my morning. I keep four bundles of parsley in the fridge all snuggled together in a Grayston Beeswax Wrap to keep fresh, Beeswax wraps keep your food fresh and a few mangoes at all times. Beeswax wraps keep your food fresh and avoids using clingfilm that just makes food sweat and decompose quicker.

Anyway, this unassuming smoothie has not only nixed my mindless snacking habits but it’s curbed my purchase habits. Parsley is Cheap! But that’s not even the best part. It’s full of vitamins and minerals, low on the Glycemic index and rich with antioxidant nutrients. Now all I want to do is re-brand Parsley. It’s more than a garnish friends

Here’s the original Green Mango Smoothie 

2 large mangoes

(frozen, about 2 cups of fruit)

1 ½ cups parsley

1 cup romaine lettuce

2 cups water

And here’s our take:

1 ripe mango

1 bunch of parsley

2 cups of water

Instructions: In a high-speed blender, blend parsley, mangoes, romaine lettuce, and water until creamy or if you’re like us use your beloved immersion blender. It’ll be a bit chewier but clean-up is a breeze.

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