There’s joy in inconvenience.

Is convenience really making our life more enjoyable.

We like to make our life easier but sometimes it’s worth pausing to reflect at what cost?

How convenient really is the “Easy Cook Meal ” pre-packaged with needless plastic. The loaf of bread that lasts for days in our cupboard sliced and sealed in a plastic bag.

Our online food shopping that gets delivered with at the click of a button, providing us with the food that we need – or think we need, delivered in multiple bags.
We often ignore how this convenience can harm us or allow us to miss key moments in our lives.

For the convenience of easy cook meals, we swallow a meal that may leave us sluggish or unsatisfied. The supermarket loaf of bread containing artificial additives or dough that was made months previously.

The truth is, there’s joy in inconvenience.

There is a pride in mixing a few simple ingredients to prepare a meal for your family to eat.

The smell of bread baked at home, the magic of kneading the dough, the delight in the achievement.

Buying meat at your local butchers, bread at the bakery, getting milk from the milkman benefits your local community and creates a relationship with your local suppliers.

We are not trying to have a rose-coloured view of life or return to the past. There’s a time and a place for convenience, and there’s also luxury and privilege.

Is it, occasionally, inconvenient to make a meal from scratch? But it’s a joy to eat and savour an evening of entertainment once it is prepared and served.

The milk delivered to the door in glass not plastic bottles reduces plastic in our bins and the glass bottle can be easily recycled. An instant benefit is that you can fill the empty bottles with water and remember to water all your plants by the front door when you put your bottles out for collection.

So much of the convenience food we buy gets chucked out and cannot be reused. When you make fresh food you can store it for another day.

If you take time to cover your food in a cling film alternative like Beeswax Wrap. It elegantly keeps your food fresh and healthy rather than smothering it in plastic cling film to sweat and gey mouldy.

Sometimes, we choose the joy of inconvenience, the quiet resistance of finding a different way of moving in the world — a path that’s lighter for the planet and more fulfilling for the individual.

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